Token Distribution

Fair and Transparent Allocation

The distribution of BET tokens is designed to be fair and transparent, ensuring widespread allocation across different stakeholders including creators, users, early adopters, ecosystem developers, and for marketing and partnerships.

Distribution Breakdown

  • Community Members: 47% of the tokens are allocated to community members, unlocking progressively over 5 years.

  • Team Allocation: 18% is reserved for the team, with a 1-year cliff followed by monthly unlocking over 2 years.

  • Initial DEX Offering (IDO): 5% of the tokens are allocated for IDO, fully unlocked at launch.

  • Advisors: 5% is set aside for advisors, subject to a 1-year cliff and subsequent monthly unlocking over 2 years.

  • Early Adopters: 3% is dedicated to early adopters, fully unlocking at launch.

  • Marketing and Operations: 5% for marketing and operational purposes, unlocking monthly over a year.

  • Ecosystem Fund: 17% is allocated to the Ecosystem Fund, unlocking monthly over 5 years.

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