BET Token

Utility and Governance

Total Supply and Usage

The BET token is the foundational utility and governance token of BETalk, with a total supply capped at 6,700,000,000,000,000,000.

Universal Currency on BETalk

BET tokens facilitate various transactions on the platform, including content and ad purchases, as well as merchandise sales.

Community Governance Empowerment

Token holders are empowered to engage in community governance. They have voting rights on significant platform decisions, content curation, and incentive programs, reinforcing a participatory ecosystem.

Utilities of BET Token

Content and Advertisement Purchases

Users can use BET tokens to acquire content and advertisements from creators, including videos, live streams, animations, games, and NFTs. This model provides direct monetization opportunities for creators, while offering users exclusive and premium content access.

Merchandise Transactions

BET tokens are also applicable for purchasing both physical and digital merchandise related to creators' content. This approach opens additional revenue channels for creators and allows users to support their favorite content creators.

Involvement in Platform Governance

BET token holders play a crucial role in the governance of the BETalk community. They can actively participate in voting for platform policies, content approval, and shaping various incentive initiatives.

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