Advertisement Distribution Strategy

User-Centric Advertisements

BETalk’s advertisement model prioritizes user choice and control. We empower users to decide whether to view advertisements and benefit from them.

Rewards for Viewing Ads

Users can earn BET tokens by choosing to watch advertisements. This not only offers a straightforward method to accumulate digital assets but also bolsters user participation in the platform's ecosystem.

Additional Perks of Ad Viewing

Watching ads on BETalk can also yield other benefits. One innovative approach is waiving transaction gas fees for users who opt to view ads. This approach reduces transaction costs for users, providing a more cost-effective platform experience.

User-Centric Advertisement Model

Respecting User Choice

BETalk prioritizes user experience and privacy in its advertisement distribution. We ensure that users have complete control over ad viewing, with no forced advertisement viewing. The platform enables users to select advertisements based on their preferences and interests.

High-Quality and Relevant Advertisements

Our focus is on providing advertisements that are not only relevant but also of high quality to ensure they resonate with our users, enhancing satisfaction and interest.

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